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Finally the Uppance Has Come

Oh Tom Brady, how I have hated you. I might have been able to cheer for the Patriots all those years, but I just hated you for your smarmy good looks, and your complete lack of charm. I hated you beating poor Peyton Manning all those times, and how I cackled when you lost this past year. Of course, I hated you for your choice in college, but there were so many other good reasons to dislike you, that actually took a back seat.

Nonetheless, I endured all of the talk that you are the greatest playoff QB of all-time, while people forget you were gifted many of your wins via chokes on the other side or pathetic rule snafus or kicks by Vinatieri, the real reason the Patriots won all of the Super Bowls. But now the entire world gets to see you for the complete bastard I always assumed you were. Yes, you dumped a hot actress when you knocked her up. What a complete jack-ass. Oh no, Bridget Moynahan wasn't good enough for the golden boy anymore. I feel awful for the fact that the poor child, because it is known publicly that his father is a jerk who ditched his responsibilities.

I knew there was some douche-baggy about you. I am sad it had to occur to some poor, innocent child. I hope the world realizes exactly what this means, and maybe you won't be doing retarded commercials anymore. I think Peyton Manning can always shoot another one...
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