Chris (buckeye_bomber) wrote,

Big News

So in my last post, I mentioned Stefanie and I seeing the Lion King Musical.  That was very good, although I don't quite remember "Be Prepared" being quite so gay-disco-like (many shirtless men in hyena masks dancing to techno).  The big news is that I also proposed to Stefanie, and she said yes!  She sent an e-mail out, but since some people might have been missed, or Stefanie wasn't able to get your address, I am putting the good news here too.

I proposed at Mt. Storm Park in Clifton, and then we ate at Ambar (our favorite restaurant), and then went to The Lion King.  The ring was purchased via Blue Nile, with which I was very happy with the price and selection.  It is a center diamond with 2 sapphires and then 2 little diamonds.  Maybe I can get a picture one of these days.  Anyway, that's my good news.  Have a nice day!  ^_^
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