Chris (buckeye_bomber) wrote,

I Guarantee You Will Laugh at this Video [edited - sorry about the fact that it auto-played; nonetheless, it is still amusing]

Will Ferrell does a low-budget little film called "The Landlord." Honestly, I cannot imagine a person not enjoying at least some part of that. My personal favorite part is when he starts crying. You will have to see watch for yourself.

So just to reiterate, Stefanie and I are really engaged. It wasn't an April Fools Day Prank. We haven't picked a day yet, because we're waiting to see where our jobs take us. This upcoming week is my last week of school ever (probably). I have one exam and one paper to go, and then I am finished. I can't believe law school is nearly over. It feels like just yesterday I started. I already received the books to study for the bar; they weigh 38 pounds! Oh well, almost done with all of it. I'll write a longer update soon, I promise. After all, exams are almost here.

Oh, and this is a good interview with Chad Johnson, a Bengal who has not been arrested. In fact, I would definitely say he is my favorite Bengal, because he works hard, plays hard, and has fun. With all the boring players out there, he is entertaining without being a jerk or an idiot.
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