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I know it has been a while for a post, but I figured I needed a break from bar studying, which is terrible by the way. I take comfort that 93% of UC Law kids passed last year. Anyway, here are pictures I uploaded to my Flickr account recently. Included is a particular description I have long promised, a more detailed description of the proposal to Stefanie.

1) I proposed to Stefanie on March 31st, and she did say yes! Yay! But you all already knew that. The ring is white gold and has a larger center diamond, then 2 sapphires, then 2 more diamonds. I think this is close, but not exact.

Stefanie had told me she wanted a proposal on a weekend (hypothetically, of course), which I had already thought of, just because it made more sense. I preferred Saturday, because we would have school on Friday. This particular Saturday we were scheduled to see the Lion King that evening, so I decided early evening would be the best time. I was at Stefanie's house, but I had not yet had a chance to ask her mom's permission. So I went to the car with Stefanie, and then pretended I forgot something. I ran back into the house, and asked her mom's permission, which she gave. Stefanie was going to know where we were going when we drove there, so since she probably already knew where we were going, I had her close her eyes. After trying to throw her off with random turns, I arrived at my chosen location: The Temple of Love at Mt. Storm Park.

The Temple of Love, Mt. Storm Park

I chose here for the nice setting, as well as the closeness to our favorite restaurant where we'd be going to dinner (Ambar India in Clifton, near UC). Plus, it was the site of our first kiss.

So that is the basic story of the proposal. If Stefanie reads this, she will be probably wondering why I didn't get more detailed. Personally, I consider anything beyond this to be private.

Oh, and the Lion King Musical was good, even if the songs are the same. The costumes are particularly cool, especially the giraffes.

Lion King Giraffes

2) I have had many other great pictures recently. Here are some favorites, in no particular order.

Stefanie and I at Hooding
*Stefanie and I at hooding, after 3 long years of law school. UC colors are black and red, and purple is the official law color for striping. I'm a doctor now, so please act accordingly.

I took some pictures at Zoo Babies at the Cincinnati Zoo. Here are my favorites.

The Baby Sumatran Rhino

Baby Red River Hogs

Orangutan 2

Bonobo Having a Good Time

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Peace.
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