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Sweet Baseball Map

So below there is a sweet map I found at Strangemaps, a very interesting site for map nerds (Dave G., I'm looking your direction ^_^). But this map below probably would interest many people (but probably especially Dave and I). A few comments:

1) I do not understand why the Reds area does not extend into Indiana at all. I'd say all the way to Indianapolis possibly could be considered Reds territory. Cardinals territory definitely does not run up to the former Ohio-Indiana border.

2) If you're wondering why there is a little arm of Reds nation down into Tennessee, there is a Reds farm team in Chattanooga, the Lookouts, whose logo I love.

3) I feel like the Ohio map is pretty accurate, although Central Ohio might be a bit more Reds (but not much). It looks like the traitorous Toledoans (Toledans? Tolediots?) went back to M*ch*g*n, the bastards.

4) Where does that random southern arm of Tribe country come from? Is there a farm team down in that area? I don't know who it should go to, but it seems oddly placed. I really thought West Virginia was mostly Pirates and Reds fans. The original site comments also discussed that issue, and they thought West Virginia was mostly Reds and Pirates also.

5) The White Sox, Marlins, and Devil Rays areas are way too big, while the Braves, Twins, and Mariners areas probably should be bigger.

Anyway, here is the map. Sorry if it is too big. I hope it works.

United Countries of Baseball
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