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First Post from Dayton

Well, we are moved in to the apartment, and it is looking good. We are pretty much completely unpacked at this point. We have gone shopping a few days in a row for random things, but I think we're pretty stocked on all items at this point, from food to chairs to plastic bags to clean up after Kenzie (a task which our neighbors seem to frequently neglect so far).

We went out to walk around the nearby areas, but there don't seem to be many people around. Even though Centerville is very walkable, it appears that our neighbors stay in their apartments and keep to themselves. One neighbor across the way walks his/her dog by opening the door and letting the dog go out by itself, and then pulling the dog back in when it is done. Kinda sad.

I was sad to see that it appeared that one of the things that sold me on this particular area, a Graeter's connected to a City Barbecue, had burned down partially on Saturday. The article says the fire was caused by "discarded smoking material," which Stefanie and I were not sure about, since it could mean cigarettes or something used for cooking, since it is a barbecue joint. There was a happy ending though:
A fire wall between City Barbeque and the adjacent Graeter's ice cream shop kept the fire from spreading next door, Long said. "Fire walls work," he added.

Graeter's, which sustained some smoke and water damage, is closed temporarily for repairs. "We're hoping to be reopened by the end of the week at the latest," said Rick Kelley, chief performance officer of the ice cream chain.

Well, that's a relief. That plus no one being hurt, of course.
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