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Dayton and Such

A quick update on my life, and some pictures from Dayton. Actually, I'll do the pictures first. Because I am annoyed with Flickr, and it is on my mind. I want to keep using Flickr, because they seem better, but I am annoyed that they want 25 bucks a year. Is there a better photosharing program? Or should I just delete pics that I don't really care about? I guess I already deleted some, but what do other people do?

1) Anyway, here are pictures from Dayton.

5/3 Field 1

This is the home of the Dayton Dragons, who have sold out EVERY GAME they have ever played. That is amazing to me. I guess this area likes baseball. It is just a Reds low-Single A squad. Very impressive.

Wright Flyer

They are really into the Wright Brothers around here. Did you know Dayton has the most patents per capita in the United States? NCR + Lexis + Wright-Patterson AFB = the local economy.

Kenzie and the Duck

This is my new dog (and Stefanie's always dog) Kenzie. He is watching a duck on the Great Miami River, at Dayton's Riverscape Park, which is like a smaller version of Bicentennial Commons in Cincinnati. It has some cool stuff, including a bike trail that follows the Great Miami River for a while.

2) Stefanie thinks I'm weird, but it takes getting used to having a pet. Kenzie is just a little Shih Tzu, so he is not too much dog, but it is still odd to have this little being that requires care. I haven't had a pet in years, while Stefanie has always had pets, usually multiple. I like having a dog though, even if we have to close the bathroom door when we leave because he attacks toilet paper. Dogs are amusing, and he is an added layer of security, since he barks whenever someone other than Stefanie or I enter.

3) I have a job in Dayton, with a local estate planning lawyer. It is only part-time, but I am hoping to find another job full-time at some point. I assume it will be easier once I have passed the bar (hopefully). The bar results come out on October 26th, so if my away message is despondent or ecstatic, that is why. If you feel like checking it yourself, the Ohio Supreme posts all the people who pass on their website at like 8:00am. Just to make everything nice and public.

Hope everyone is doing well. E-mail me if you're ever wondering what's going on in Dayton, or if you're near the Nati. We're still only 45 minutes north here. Oh, and if you're coming to Cincinnati on a place, and you fly into Dayton because it is cheaper, let me know. I can come get you perhaps.
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