Chris (buckeye_bomber) wrote,

Consoling Article for the Indians' Fans?

God, I know it is satire, but this article from Sports Pickle is so very true: Study: 96-Percent of Boston Sports Fans Have No Idea How Annoying They Are.
“It’s amazing. The vast majority of these people actually think that they behave just as any other fans do, and that people who have a problem with them are simply jealous,” said the study’s director, Dr. Michael Kreager, a Princeton sociologist. “When in fact, almost all Boston fans have become obnoxious Massholes of the highest order.

Due to an overwhelming inferiority complex stemming from decades of playing second fiddle to New York, the study found that Boston fans are woefully lacking in knowledge of how to respectfully conduct themselves when one of their teams actually wins. But worse, they revel in their boorish behavior and seem to find more enjoyment in flaunting their good fortune in the faces of others than they do in sincerely celebrating and relishing their teams’ achievements.

Can't someone beat the Red Sox or the Patriots? Please?
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