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Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

I have listened to the Vanilla Ice Classic "Ninja Rap" about 10 times since I got it off of iTunes. I am so excited. I see that they are making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie; I sincerely doubt whatever music they use will not top this song. I consider this the song that made sure Vanilla Ice was NOT a one-hit wonder. Listen to the song, and see how amazing the lyrics are. I think more than 50% of the words are "go" or "ninja."

I have also decided that I need to stop going long period without posting on Livejournal. But what happens is that I will start building up websites, and then I feel like I don't have time to say what I think of each of the topics, and then I just keep putting it off until a month has passed. My new goal is to post once a week, maybe on the same day every week. We'll see. But that is the goal, even once studying for the bar begins, which is around mid-May.

1) I have been receiving a number of rejections from the many random Ohio counties to which I sent resumes. Damn, I won't get to move to Delaware County! But I am more sad about the lack of quality interviews. My first choice would be going back to good old Clermont County, because I love the people. I would work at the public defender or prosecutor, whoever would have me. After Clermont, I think I would like Cincinnati's City Prosecutor, the Hamilton County Prosecutor (which pays crappily supposedly), the Hamilton County PD, Warren County Prosecutor, or Franklin County Prosecutor.

A wild card is the Montgomery County Prosecutor (Dayton); they actually were soliciting resumes, and they pay decently. I am not sure if they are my first choice after Clermont County, or if I would prefer other places. Ryan might work there, and if he was my intern, that would be the greatest day of my life. I'd make him call me "sir" or Mr. Feldhaus or something, and get me coffee. And then I'd have him help me when I freak out because I have no idea how to be a lawyer. But that moment of him calling me sir would be pretty sweet.

Once again, if anyone knows the prosecutor in some county in Ohio, let me know. You will rapidly become my best friend.

2) In some news of the obvious it appears that college students are more self-centered these days. Consider me VERY unsurprised. College students are obnoxious, self-centered idiots usually. But it seems to be happening more these days.
The study asserts that narcissists "are more likely to have romantic relationships that are short-lived, at risk for infidelity, lack emotional warmth, and to exhibit game-playing, dishonesty, and over-controlling and violent behaviors."

Twenge, the author of "Generation Me: Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled -- and More Miserable Than Ever Before," said narcissists tend to lack empathy, react aggressively to criticism and favor self-promotion over helping others.

The researchers traced the phenomenon back to what they called the "self-esteem movement" that emerged in the 1980s, asserting that the effort to build self-confidence had gone too far.

Although I agree self-esteem is a good thing, I think it goes too far. Some kids need to study harder, need to lose some weight, get some exercise, or learn a talent or skill. Specialness is not just something inherent; unless you work at it, you can turn out to be pretty average. Anyone CAN be special, but that doesn't mean they are.

3) This semester, I am taking a class in Sports Law. Although I expected it to be somewhat boring after looking at the topics discussed, it has been pretty cool overall. We have discussed the structure of MLS (the league owns all of the teams, to keep down costs), when athletes can sue other athletes for injuries during games, and the baseball anti-trust exemption. Overall, a lot of interesting stuff. This past week, I brought this article to class to discuss, since we always discuss sports law in the news at the beginning of class.
Now, some high school sporting officials in Washington state are considering tough new rules — including a ban on booing.

Those who support the ban say that too often, spectators are cruel.

"It's the organized effort to try to intimidate or try to make fun of someone that becomes personal in nature that can escalate then into other concerns that we might have," said Mike Colbrese, executive director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

Colbrese and his colleagues said they have trouble hiring coaches and referees because of the abuse they take. By banning booing from the stands, they believe they can create a more welcoming environment on the court and field.

OK, a more welcoming environment is exactly what I don't want to see. What is the point of playing home games if the home team can try and be jerks to the visitors? I'm not advocating personal insults or profanity, but booing bad calls and chanting air ball at certain players is just plain fun. If there are coaches, refs, orplayers who can't handle that, they need to not play sports.

This reminds me of one of my favorite sports-related stories. One year in college, Kyle and I were visiting my uncle in the middle of nowhere to go hunting or fishing. We needed something to do for the Friday night, so we went to my uncle's high school's basketball game (he is a teacher there, and my cousins go there). We were cheering very loudly, because that is all we know. The fans in front of us turned around and asked us to cheer quieter, even though we were only cheering positive thing for the HOME TEAM! What the hell? The story really doesn't have much to do with booing, but I still am amazed that someone actually expects it to be quiet at a high school basketball game.

Well, anyway, booing is part of sports. A truly great athlete doesn't just ignore boos; he or she thrives on it. Then they wave a finger at the crowd, or give them a "shh." Those are great moves. How else can we show our dislike of Barry Bonds?

And then there is free speech, but that is beside the point to me. This connected to the last article too: it is good for kids to lose every once in a while, and maybe be taunted by fans. It makes them hungry for victory.

4) I found this Slate article pretty interesting. Basically, it asks what the hottest video game console is right now. XBox 360? Nintendo Wii? PS3? None of the above: the PS2. They have some pretty cool games, and I thought it was especially interesting since Dave M. has one now. We played some Guitar Hero just the other day (now THAT is an addictive game).

If I had some money, I would buy a PS2, the GTA games, the Guitar Hero games, Tekken 4, and probably a couple sports games. But I don't, so I'll stick to my DS and Gamecube; I still need to beat Super Princess Peach and Chibi Robo before I get any new system.

5) On a Jesuit-pride note, the NCAA tournament this year has 7 Jesuit schools, an impressive number. I think it is the most I can remember. The schools are Xavier, Boston College, Holy Cross, Gonzaga, Marquette, Creighton, and Georgetown. Pick accordingly. I will tell people that I will be picking one of these teams to go pretty far. The rest, not so much.

6) I wrote another article for UC's paper, this time about street cars. Cincinnati is considering using streetcars to connect downtown, OTR, Mt. Adams, Clifton, Price Hill, Hyde Park, and other inner neighborhoods. Although the ballot issue to build light rail in Cincy failed by about 2 to 1 in Hamilton County overall, it passed in the City of Cincinnati itself. This is a great idea, and a good way to improve public transportation and the ease of living for city residents. I hope I will have a chance to use it someday.

On another note, my articles are quickly becoming my biggest hits on google for my name. Some jerk claimed "" though, and I am not happy.

OK, that's it for my catch-up post. I am going to write another post soon, but I want it to stand alone.
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