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Updates and Catching Up

So it was a long, LOOONG summer of preparing for the bar, but that is now over. I completed the 2 and a half days of hell known as the Ohio Bar Exam last Thursday, and now I wait until October. The night before the first day (Monday night), I couldn't sleep, and probably got about 2 hours sleep total. I was amazed at how far adrenalin got me. I got about 5 hours each the other 2 nights, which is clearly closer to what I needed.

It was a difficult summer since I last posted. The bar exam preparation was not particularly fun; I have never studied so much in my life. If you knew my study habits in college or high school, they were not always the best. If Jeff wanted to play FIFA on the Xbox, I was totally there. But I had to buckle down and study hard, because there has never been a single test with so many ramifications. If I don't pass, it isn't the end of the world I supposed (JFK jr. failed thrice before passing, and Hillary Clinton failed once also), but it would be rather inconvenient.

In addition, about a week before the bar, my grandfather had surgery for lung cancer. They think they got it all, and there seems to be nothing in the lymph nodes, so it seems to be good news. It was a bit of an added stressor, but it also helped put things in perspective, and perhaps calmed me a bit before the exam. After the exam, I learned another piece of rough news. My best friend from grade school, Damien, fell down 14 steps at his sister's house and hit his head. He was in a coma for 3 weeks, and they don't know how much lasting injury he suffered. There is a clot on his brain stem, and they are not sure what cognition he will regain. I went to visit him at Drake Hospital, and it was just so sad. I volunteered at Drake in high school, and there are a lot of tragic cases there. None of them were people I knew though. I just saw Damien a few months ago in Mt. Adams, and his dad told me he had just received a promotion and moved into an apartment in downtown Cincy before the injury. I guess he has been showing more and more responsiveness, so that is good. Damien and I went to grade school, high school, and college together, and it is just so strange to see him in his current state. I hope and pray he will be ok.

So it was not an easy summer. I suppose summer hasn't ended yet, but it is getting there. Stefanie and I have found a place in Dayton (Centerville actually), and we are both really excited to be moving. It will be fun to explore a new place, but we're both happy that we'll be close enough to visit Cincinnati whenever we like. Stefanie starts her job towards the end of August, and I am still looking for a job in Dayton. Hopefully something comes up soon. In the middle of all of the stress and sadness, I was able to maintain a positive attitude thanks to good friends and a great fiancee. I often wonder why I am still an optimist, when it is clear there is so much pain in the world, but I don't know how else to do things.

Oh, I started a new blogspot blog, to replace my other one. I will keep this same Livejournal, but my new blog is at "" if you ever checked my old one. Peace.
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